What is polyester fabric? How to use it?

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What is polyester fabric?

Polyester fabric is synthetic fiber, has been transformed from plastic (polyethylene-terephthalate), that substitute the natural fiber which isn’t enough with demand. However, Polyester can be naturally degraded and recycled then it is environmental safety.


Characteristic of Polyester fabric

  • Products containing polyester is easy maintenance
  • Tough, durable and resistant to chemicals such as bleach
  • Moisture resistance, it dries quickly, water resistance, does not cause mold which is the source of bacteria
  • It is lightweight, soft and suitable for use in the textile industry such as sportswear, exercise wear, etc.
  • It is the only fabric type that can be printed on. (called “Sublimation”)

How to use polyester fabric

The reason why polyester fabric be very popular is an only fabric type that can be printed by sublimation technique. This technique can print on polyester fabric with unlimited color, unlimited design and low cost. polyester fabric typically used to fabricate into sportwear, uniform, bag, shoes, etc.

Examples of Polyester Fabric

  1. Micro-polyester
    Components: 100% polyester
    Properties: soft, elastic, quick dry
  2. Mesh Knitted Fabric
    Components: 100% polyester
    Properties: soft, absorb moisture, quick dry, comfortable
  3. Canvas fabric
    Components: 100% polyester
    Properties: though, hard

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